I have been riding bikes off and on ever since I was a kid. I enjoy the exercise and using the bikes to explore new places. I seem to average about 200 kms a week.

At the moment I have three bikes in the "stable".

The Specialized Roubaix is the bike for getting anywhere in a hurry. It is carbon fibre and is super-light.

The gear set is a compact 10 speed 11-28 teeth, and a double chain ring of 50 - 34 teeth.

I chose this bike as being light but relatively comfortable. The frame is based on the frame that the Specialized professional teams use on rough stages, or races such as the Paris-Roubaix with the infamous cobbles. The frame has some flexibility and inserts to provide some damping of the road vibrations.

When the going gets rough, the Trek TopFuel 9.7 is the weapon of choice. It is also carbon, and whilst much heavier than the Roubaix, it is comparatively light for a mountain bike. In fact, technically it is not a mountain bike, but is classed as a cross-country racer.

The gear set is 10 speed 11-36 teeth, with three rings on the front of 42, 32 and 24 teeth.

For long distances, in great comfort, the choice is the Ice Sprint trike. This may not be as fast as the Roubaix, but no sore bum and no aching wrists, make it the favourite ride for long distances and/or carrying the camping gear.

I selected the version with suspension and disc brakes. It is perfect for touring in comfort.

The gear set is 9 speed 9-32 teeth, with three rings on the front of 26,36 and 48 teeth. The low gear lets you keep "spinning" going up the hills.

Here are some of the more noteable rides I have done:




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