Rides in Italy.

A camping trip in the mountains above Pieve di Teco

I drove up to Pieve di Teco. I had ridden there before, but it is not a nice road up from Imperia - very busy and quite narrow.

I started in Pieve and went clockwise, camping at the north west corner of the route.

As soon as I got off the main road, onto the road to Mendatica, it was quiet and pretty, with lots of olive trees.
This abandoned big machine looks like it was used for crushing stone and mixing with tar for building the roads. It is a shame it cannot be in a museum.

Near Mendatica is this big water mill. Unfortunately it is not open for visits, so I am not sure what was milled there. Perhaps olives, or maybe grains of some kind.

Part of it is still used for making electricity. It would make a lovely little hotel.

Mendatica is a typical sleepy little stone-built town. There are so many of these small towns in the mountains here.
Above Mendatica, there were many primroses beside the road - a real feeling of Springtime.

Above Mendatica, the road continued onwards and upwards towards the northern ridge.

Seeing the ridge ahead and knowing that was still to be climbed was a bit daunting.
I camped almost on the top of the ridge. In Italy, "wild" camping is not allowed, so I hid in among the trees. Can you spot the tent?

When I bought the tent, the guy in the shop was trying to sell me an orange one. I insisted I wanted a green or brown tent for "stealth" camping.

The tent is a Ferrino Chaos 2 - technically a two-person tent. It would be tight for two but great for me and my gear. As it was spitting rain, I took the seat off the trike and it came inside with me.

The camp was at 1,322 meters, 4,338 feet.

It got cold in the night and actually snowed a bit, hence the down jacket.

I had taken a metaphorical leaf out of Farley Mowatt's book, and peed in a circle around the tent, to claim my territory and keep the wolves at bay. I did have a bit of a heart-stopper in the morning, when something big and heavy galloped past the tent at dawn. I imagine it was a wild boar. Whatever it was, it made the ground shake and me too, as I was hoping it would go round the tent and not through it!

This was my view in the morning. Made it all worth while!

Here is the trike loaded and ready to return to Pieve. It was mostly down hill, so I got back in good time to drive back to Sanremo.

The round trip on the trike was just over 40 kms, but with a climb of 1,200 meters - 4,000 feet.

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