Published Books and Articles
By John Campbell

Over the years we have had a number of artcles published in a variety of magazines. We have uploaded a selection which are available to download as a PDF. Click Here for the current list




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Here is a short synopsis of the books that we have had published. Although I am the nominal author, Lana has helped enormously with all of them, and has taken most of the photographs. We hope that you will read one or two of them!!


Easier Rigs for Safer Sailing.

We wrote this book when we were living in St Lucia, in the West Indies. We had just built our own boat in England, and sailed her across the Atlantic.
Our boat was somewhat unusual, in that she was rigged as a Chinese Junk. This made her incredibly easy to sail - indeed, when crossing the Atlantic, I went out on deck only once, to have a general check on things.
This boat taught us that there are many ways to make sailing easier, and hence safer. This book was a distillation of what we learned. We received a lot of help from Denny Desouter, who at that time was the editor of Practical Boat Owner. He was also kind enough to commission many articles for the magazine, which kept us in cruising funds for several years.
In Darwin's Wake
This book was written as we sailed around South America, by way of Cape Horn. We found that we were more or less following the track that Darwin took, when he was sailing on the Beagle, more than a century before us.As soon as we realised this, we tried to go to as many of the anchorages that Darwin described, and we tried to visit all the places to which he went. The book is written half in the third person, describing what Darwin did and saw, and half in the first person, comparing and contrasting what we found.
It was fun researching the book, and it added to the enjoyment of, what still remains, the most interesting voyage we have made.

Understanding the GMDSS
GMDSS is the Global Maritime Distress and Safety Service. Basically it is the new system that controls the way in which all distress and safety communications are conducted at sea.
When I went to England to do the course and exam for the GMDSS General Operator's Certificate, I felt that they were making the subject inordinately complicated. I have been an active Ham Radio operator for many years, and I thought that the subject could be simplified and de-mystified. This book is the result. It is intended to make it easier for anybody to not only pass the exam, but also to operate the marine communications equipment easily and safely, especially in a distress situation.We were especially pleased when this book was chosen by two American marine academies to be their training manual for teaching the GMDSS courses.

Yachtsman's Guide to the Collision Rules
When I went to College, to study for my Class IV certificate, a fair amount of time was spent studying the Collision Rules. These are the maritime rules-of-the-road, by which we should all be navigating.
Whilst all of us had made a fair attempt of learning the Rules by rote, in truth, none of us really understood the Rules. The lecturers went to great pains to ensure that we not only knew the rules, but understood them, and they helped us to realise that there is a relationship between the various rules. I cannot speak for the others, but for me, when I reached this understanding, and the revelation that they were in fact related to each other, they all became clearer to me.

This book is an attempt to explain this relationship, and to encourage an understanding of the Rules, instead of simply learning them by rote.

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