A walk from El Chorro to Valle de Abdalajis
The route
This is a walk I did with a group from Malaga. It was organised by the Diputacion de Malaga.
We went by coach to El Chorro and walked over the ridge to Valle de Abdalajis, where the coach came to collect us.

It was only a bit over 14 kms, but they were fairly hard kilometers because of the rough terrain and the climb of over a thousand meters.

Start of the walk from El Chorro

Almost as soon as we began the walk, we could see the steep cliff which we had to go up. It was a little intimidating to say the least.
We climbed up the so-called "Escalara" - the staircase.

The stairs in this instance were pretty rough and very steep. They were built, perhaps a thousand years ago, by the Moors, who ruled Spain for some 800 years.

Direct route

This area is a mecca for climbers. Several of the cliff-faces have pegs drilled into the rock for the climber's ropes. This guy was heading straight up the cliff on the direct route!

Looking down on el Chorro

As we got higher, we could look down onto El Chorro, from where we had started. We gained height pretty quickly.


As we climbed the Escalara, we passed close to a colony of vultures. At one time we counted 15 of them circling us. I guess they were hoping that the climb would be too much for some of the group, and they could get an easy lunch!

View to Sierra de Mijas

Once we got to the top, we had terrific views to the south. We could see "our Sierra" - the Sierra de Mijas, where I walk nearly every morning with the dog.

Panoramic view

Looking south, across the olive fields. Sierra de las Nieves to the right and Sierra de Mijas more or less in the centre. From here we could see almost all of the Guadalhorce Valley that runs down to Malaga.

Lunch stop

We took frequent breaks to let the slower members of the group catch up. Here we had lunch. Paco, who invited me is in the middle with his daughter and brother.

El Toralillo

As we crossed to the north side of the ridge, we passed through an area called "El Torcalillo". This means Little Torcal. El Torcal is a very famous area near Antequera, which is renowned for the bizarre rock formations. This a little-visited area that has similar formations on a smaller scale.

Valle de Abdalajis

We dropped down a very steep track to the small village of Valle de Abdalajis. After a brief respite in a welcome bar, we headed back to the coach - we were tired little explorers at the end of the day, but it was one of the best walks I have done in Spain.