Model Planes

As a youngster, I enjoyed making simple model planes, starting with the obvious paper-planes and hand-launched gliders. This developed into control-line planes with diesel and then later, glow-plug engines, which were flown on the school playing fields, or next-door's tennis court when they were not looking!

Once sailing took up more of my time, the hobby lay dormant, until we built the house in Ireland. One of the neighbour's kids got a control-line plane and asked me to help him fly it. I did, and of course had to build one of my own. This rekindled the interest, and it was not long before I built a radio-controlled plane. Unfortunately, in Ireland, there was nobody to help me to learn, so it was by trial and lots of errors. When we moved to Mallorca, there was an excellent club near to us, and there, with the help of a couple of the members I learned to fly my third plane, without destroying it.

Now in Andalusia, I fly in a couple of locations, with a local club that has recently formed. Below are some of the planes I have built, flown and sometimes crashed - a click on any one of them will take you to a page with more information about that particular plane.


This was my third plane, and the one that I finally learned to fly properly. We have used it for aerial photography and for launching a glider.

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This is perhaps my all-time favorite plane. It is an extremely aerobatic biplane. It has suffered a few "arrivals" over the years, and like it's owner, has gained some weight. I am currently building a new one, with a bigger engine - watch this space!

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This is the second seaplane I built. The first had a brief but glorious existence. The Northstar has survived several aquatic flights and a few from a solid runway as well.

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Charlie's Parachute

This is a one-third scale parapent, ably flown by Charlie the Chimp.

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Electric Glider

This is a ready-built foam glider, with an electric motor for self launching. Great for slope soaring or it will also thermal quite well.

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Flying sites

A look at a couple of the sites where I have flown, including some aerial shots of the club in Mallorca.

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