This is a Multiplex Easy Glider with electric motor. It is an ARF built of Epelar foam, which is so much stronger than the old Styrofoam. Epelar has revolutionised the foam-built planes. It has a span of a bit over two metres, and the LiPo battery will let you fly for a couple of hours or more, if you do not use the motor too much after the launch and initial climb.
Once airborne, and the engine is stopped, the propeller folds back to reduce drag. The plane is good for slope-soaring if there is some wind, but will thermal too on a sunny day. It is mildly aerobatic, and will loop and roll, but these makeovers usually result in a loss of altitude, so you need good lift conditions or a bit of judicious engine power to regain altitude. One day, slope-soaring, I flew nonstop for an hour and twenty minutes. I was getting concerned about the battery, so landed. I need not have worried; there was more than half the charge left in the LiPo battery. These new batteries are amazing, and have transformed electric flying.
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