Charlie's Parachute
This is a one-third scale powered parapent, piloted by Charlie the thirsty chimp! It has a top speed of about 10 or 12 knots, so obviously it cannot be flown in strong winds - at least not if you do not want to chase after it!

Charlie always has his bottle of Coke to hand!

The engine is another Supertigre 60, with a pusher propeller.

We found that the secret to success is to "inflate" the parachute using the wind and the slipstream from the propeller, before starting the takeoff run
With just a little breeze, the takeoff run is quite short. It takes a little getting used to the controls - an increase in throttle makes it climb, it banks and turns using the normal aileron controls, and the normal elevator control makes it flare for a slow and hopefully gentle landing.
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