The Telemaster was designed in Germany, and was used to fly wires across inaccessible valleys. These light wires were used to pull heavier cables across, to eventually pull heavy power lines from one side of the valley to the other.

Mine is the second biggest size. It has a span of about two metres, and is powered by a Supertigre 60. Apart from being an excellent trainer, we have used this plane for a variety of tasks....... but not yet for pulling wires across valleys!

There is a camera port on the side of the plane, beneath the wing. We have taken lots of aerial photographs from the plane.

We have flown many flights with a slope-soar glider riding piggyback. We fly up as high as we can still see the orientation of the planes, and release the glider.

No, I do not fly them both at the same time - one person flies the glider, while the other returns the Telemaster to terra-firma!

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