Building Seaflower



Hull Building

Autumn 2000

Winter 2000/01

Spring 2001

Summer 2001

Autumn 2001

Winter 2001/2

Spring 2002



You can follow the entire history of the build, from the earliest plans right through to completion.

Each section is linked to the next, or you have the option to return to this page from the index page of each and every section - follow the links at the bottom of each page.

From the index page of each section, from Autumn 2000 onwards, you can chose an area of interest by clicking on the appropriate part of the plan. You can then tour the rest of the boat as it was at that period of time, or stay in that particular area, and follow it to completion. During Autumn 2000, not all areas of the boat existed, but from Winter 2000 onwards, they are all there.
Charlie Baker of CME was of inestimable help on the project, as the engineering consultant, and he also took some of the pictures. Last but not least, if it were not for the fantastic team at the Royal van Lent Shipyard, none of this could have happened.
Pick a link from the index to the left, or follow the link to the section on planning, and begin your tour from the very beginning.
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