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I was born in Michigan, USA, a state where there are many small lakes, and of course, which is surrounded by three of the Great Lakes. After attending university studying business and fine arts, I moved to Chicago, Illinois, and worked for an advertising agency. In addition to having a great job, I enjoyed living in Chicago because it is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Although many vacations with family and friends were spent on the lakes--swimming, fishing, water-skiing, and occasionally sailing--it wasn't until I met John in 1975 that I decided to change my shore-bound life style for one of living and working full-time on yachts with John.

During the following 22 years we worked together as captain and cook on many different types of yachts and for many different types of people (most of them wonderful!) We frequently traveled up and down the East Coast of the USA, spent many happy years in the Caribbean and Mediterranean (including eight Atlantic crossings between the two seas). We also spent a fantastic year sailing completely around South America--Chile and the Falkland Islands being my favorite places.

We've seen many wonderful places, made some great friends, even had a few frightening experiences during hurricanes and storms at sea. I very much enjoyed living on a boat--the sights, sounds and (most of the time!) the motion of being afloat, seeing the weather move across great expanses of sea......but the work and constant traveling took their physical and mental toll, and I retired from that life a couple of years ago.

Now I'm enjoying the pleasures of living in our own home - a 120 year-old house in one of the "Pueblos Blancos" in the mountains of Andalucia. In addition to caring for the house and a rental property that we have, I also have been able to spend time on drawing and painting again, and the pleasure of seeing good friends frequently, is wonderful. (Click to see some of Lana's paintings)

I enjoyed reforming both the house we live in, and the rental property so much, that we have begun a joint venture with a Spanish builder/friend, and we are currently building a house in the village which we plan to sell on completion. Follow the "Property" link to see more.

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