Ligaya in Brisbane

When I arrived, Ligaya was ashore in the Rivergate Shipyard, near Brisbane. She had been ashore for three months undergoing a refit after her voyage from Italy, and completing the Lloyds survey.

Soon after I arrived, we put her back in the water and lay in the marina to finish off the last of many jobs.

The three hundred ton lift was at the limit. We had to empty the water tanks to reduce the weight enough for the lift to work.
Brisbane is a busy port. Further down the river is a large container port, but the cruise ships come right into the heart of the city. It is a bit intimidating as they pass us with what seems like a few feet to spare.
The weather has been very rainy, ever since I arrived in Australia. We have seen lots of rainbows.
Some of the ships looked to be a tight fit under the bridge.
Every evening, just after dusk, thousands upon thousands of large bats flew over the boat. They seemed to be roosting in some mangroves near by, and all set off at the same time, in the same direction. We think that they are Fruit Bats.
Brisbane is a fairly big modern city. There is an excellent ferry service operating along the river. They use high speed catamarans.
Several paddle steamers run trips up the river. They really are paddle steamers and not fakes with propellors like we have seen in many places.
Close to the centre of the city is a large park. The star attraction is a very big Ferris Wheel, which gives great views of the city.
Also in the park is an artificial lagoon, complete with beaches and lifeguard. The Aussies do like to go to the beach.
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