Koala Sanctuary, near Brisbane

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is just outside Brisbane. I managed a quick visit there on a rather rainy day to see not only koalas, but many other indigenous creatures too.

It was established in 1927 and they have over 130 koalas, as well as many other animals.




A koala up a gum tree

A koala fast asleep, holding on with his back legs and his "arms" crossed.
The koalas seem to spend most of their time eating or sleeping. They eat Eucalyptus leaves, which are hard to digest and low in nutrients, so sleeping up to 16 hours a day helps to conserve energy. Although we often refer to them as Koala Bears, they are not bears. They are marsupials and are in fact related to Wombats and not bears.
The wombats did not seem to like the wet weather and most had found a suitable hiding place. Here is a wombat I found sleeping on his back inside a hollow log.

There are lots of kangaroos in the sanctuary. They are used to people and are willing to let you go close.

I liked the way most of them crossed their front legs when they were lying down. It reminded me of the way our dog likes to sleep.

There were several emus wandering around. They looked a bit bedraggled when they were wet.
The Dingos looked like big Labradors to me.
The Tasmanian Devils are in danger of extinction. They are falling victim to a form of cancer and very few are now left.
There are lots of big lizards in Australia.
In the park they give displays of sheep handing and shearing. Here a dog called Sofia is rounding up a flock of Marino sheep - the most important wool-sheep in the country.
The signpost in the park made me a little homesick - Madrid is the furthest city from here, more than 17 thousand kilometers away.
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