Ligaya in Batu Boga, Flores, Indonesia
We anchored off a small bay called Batu Boga, on the north coast of the big island of Flores.

As always, we had the anchorage to ourselves. Although being the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia has vast areas that are very sparsely populated.

Here, there was a very small settlement ashore. We saw some people on the beach when we arrived, but they retreated to the house when they saw us, so we left them to their privacy.

Together with the Owner, Sebastian the deckhand, and Boris the chef set out to try to capture dinner, while I followed in the tender to be ready to take the catch.

We are just 8 degrees south of the equator, so the sun is very fierce, hence my rather fashionable parasol!


Bill the engineer keeping an eye on Sebastian hauling up the anchor ready for an evening departure.
Most evenings, thundersqualls and showers develop. The air is very hot and very humid, making it easy for these showers to form.
As we set off westward, past yet another volcano, we followed a small schooner into the dusk.
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