Ligaya in Singapore
This is perhaps the busiest shipping area in the world. It is quite scary navigating in the Singapore Strait with so many ships. This is the radar screen with the AIS targets superimposed. Each yellow triangle is a ship broadcasting its position on the AIS. This is just on the 8 mile range. Try to decide which ship is going to come close to us! On full range we had over 800 ships on the AIS. Nightmare......
Ships to the left, ships to the right, ships at anchor.....
This ship is passing the Marina Bay area of the city. This is where the Formula 1 circuit is located. Unlike Monaco where all the F1 infrastructure is temporary, there are permanent pits and grandstands there for the race.
Quarantine anchorage off Sentosa Island to the south west of the city. We had to wait here to get cleared in and out of the country. We were in a marina on Sentosa, away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.
Singapore is a big modern city. The new buildings are rather engulfing the old traditional area. Chinatown is getting swallowed up by development. This is the edge of Chinatown.
Much of Chinatown has been moved into a gigantic shopping centre. A modern bridge links this to the last few traditional Chinese streets.
One of the last few traditional streets in Chinatown.
This shop was selling very large shark's fins and other less easily identifiable items.
Every few meters there is a shop selling food or drink in Chinatown. You will never go hungry here.
Despite the rapid building boom, Singapore has managed to retain some green areas. This is Mount Faber Park, overlooking the dock area to the south.
The architects of Singapore are much more imaginative than those in Darwin. There are many interesting new buildings. I really like this wooden footbridge that connects the Mount Faber Park to the ridge further west. It is called the Wavey Bridge.
A walk on the wild side. Our stay in Singapore was very busy for me. Things were made worse when the engineer suddenly decided to leave without notice, so I was wearing the chief engineer's hat as well as the Captain's hat. I did manage to escape for one afternoon, and we went to explore the MacRitchie nature trails. These trails are in a large park area surrounding the reservoirs.

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