A walk on the wild side
Life was very hectic for me in Singapore, but I did manage to escape ashore one Sunday afternoon. I went for a very enjoyable walk in the MacRitchie park, around one of the main reservoirs for the island.
The reservoir itself is quite pretty. There are a few kayaks to rent and there is a course marked out for rowing races.

For me though, the attraction were the trails through the woods. There is a fantastic mixture of plants and trees.

Here are some giant bamboos. Some of these big bamboos are amongst the fastest growing of all plants. Indeed, they grow so quickly you can hear them growing with creaks and cracks, and on a windless day, you can see them twitch as they grow.

As you might expect for Singapore, the trails are immaculately maintained and well built. There are paths, boardwalks and where necessary, steps.
Scattered along the trails are plaques with mottos or sayings. This was my favourite.

The highlight of the walk is the so called Tree Top Bridge. It is built across a small canyon, so you can look down on the canopy of the rain forest below.

Here is me, looking a bit like Crocodile Dundee maybe?

There was also an observation tower some five or six stories high. From there you could also look down on the canopy of the forest.

In the far distance are a couple of the many high-rise buildings, just to remind you that you are on a very small, very densely populated island

Much of the park is obviously very old, as there are plenty of big old trees in among the newer plantings.
Singapore is famous for its draconian laws against littering. They are obviously pretty serious about trespassing too, if this sign is anything to go by.
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