Ligaya in East Thailand

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is very tourist orientated, and as a result, a lot of the Thai culture is being lost. However, the ubiquitous shrines and the colourful local boats do remind you that you are not in Europe. Here, Ligaya is anchored off the beach at Chaweng.
This is the rather rickety dock that we used for getting ashore in Chaweng. There are no facilities at all for yachts, and not too many seem to visit the area.
Chaweng boasts the best beach on the island. There is a scattering of resorts and beach-front restaurants and bars, but plenty of space for all.
In Thailand there are many motorbikes with sidecars. Some are used for transport, but lots of them are mobile snack-bars. Here, the nearest one is selling ice cream and the other has a lunch menu on offer. A lot of the street food is really good and remarkably cheap.
In the summer the South West Monsoon winds predominate. In the winter the winds reverse and blow from the North East. For us in July we were limited to anchoring on the east coasts of the islands. The capital, Na Thon in on the west coast. It is very shallow and long piers are built out into deeper water to allow the ferries from the mainland to berth.

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