Ligaya in East Thailand

Mu KO Angthong


A few miles to the west of the tourist island of KO Samui is the national park of Mu KO Angthong. For me this was the jewel in the crown of East Thailand.

The park covers an area of 102 square kilometers and boasts 42 islands of varying sizes.

The park headquarters and ranger station are on the second biggest island, AO Kha. There is a cute little resort and camping area. The rental bungalows are nestled among the trees, but just a metaphorical stone's throw from a very pretty beach.
The beach in front of the ranger station and resort.
There are two well-marked trails that go through the jungle. Both are steep and have a handy rope rigged on the steeper bits to help you up the hill.
The islands are limestone with very little soil on top of the rocks. Many of the trees seem to grow on top of the rocks rather than into the ground.
How did this root manage to tie itself into such a neat knot, in its quest for water?
The first trail I went up climbed above the beach, and eventually led to the Bua Bok cave. Because of the limestone rocks and abundant rain, there was a plethora of stalactites and stalagmites.

The best trail though goes up to the viewpoint, almost at the top of the highest point of the island. From there you can see the islands stretching out before you. This picture features in so many adverts for Thailand.

Ligaya anchored off the beach by the ranger station and we did our explorations from there. Unfortunately our time in East Thailand was coming to an end, so we did not have time to explore any of the other islands. Maybe next time.......

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