Ligaya in West Thailand

Wat Tham Suwankhuha

This Wat, or Temple is built in a series of caves. It is nearly as famous for the monkeys that hang out here as it is for the statues of Buddha that are in the caves. It is located in the province of Phang Gna, to the north of Phuket, close to the town of the same name.
The monkeys are encouraged by the row of stalls selling bananas specifically for people to feed to the monkeys. They were selling drinks and snacks as well, but their big seller was obviously the bananas.
There is a relatively modern shrine close to the entrance to the caves.
The entrance to the cave is at the base of a tall limestone cliff.
The entrance cave is quite big, with a high ceiling. The first thing you see is a gigantic reclining Buddha. It is nearly 50 feet long.
From his perch on the stone plinth, the big Buddha seems to look down in disdain on the smaller statues and the mere mortals.
I liked the four little statues that were paying their respects to the big fellow.
I thought that Buddha was always male. These statues were classed as Buddhas, but they looked female to me.
The freestanding statues all wore an orange shirt or at least a shawl.
Beyond the main cave were two smaller caves. This little fellow, complete with his orange shawl, was perched on a rock in the second cave.
The innermost cave did not have any statues, but it did have a good selection of stalagmites and stalactites.
Looking down into the main cave from the middle one.
This statue, near the feet of the big Buddha, seemed to be guarding the entrance to what appeared to be the holiest part of the shrine.
At the top of the stairs behind the guardian statue was this shrine. It is a place where people go to light candles and joss sticks. There was the omnipresent Donation Box there as well. Every shrine seems to have one.
As I came back out into the sunshine, there was a little group of monkeys guarding the entrance.
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