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We have been coming to Bequia since the early 70s, and I am happy to say that little has changed. Of course it is busier; of course there are more people; but despite the building of the airport and the visits of cruise ships, Bequia has managed to retain most of it's charm.

When we first came here, the only daily ferry was a sailing schooner, called Friendship Rose. She motored across to Kingston, St Vincent every morning, and sailed briskly back in the evening.

Although she has long been replaced by a fleet of ferries, I was delighted to see Friendship Rose is still sailing.

Friendship Rose

She now does day-charters, usually to Mustique.

Friendship Rose off the beach

She has an anchorage close to the beach, and she really is a big part of Bequia's history.


Anchorage off Fort Hamilton

Timoneer anchored on the north side of the bay, beneath Fort Hamilton.


Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton was built in the late 1700s, to defend the anchorage.


Main Street Port Elisabeth

The main street of Port Elisabeth is still relatively tranquil, provided that there is not a cruise ship in the bay!


Boats on the beach

Boats will always be a part of Bequia life, and the beach has a collection of boats; old and new.

Boats old and new

Anchorage from town

Many of the local sloops, once used for fishing, are now jealously prepared for racing, and carefully protected from the sun.

Time to lime

Even though the pace of life is quicker than it used to be, there is usually still time to "Lime".


Anchorage from Mount Pleasant

The road up to Mount Pleasant gives great views of the whole bay.


Copra mill at Industry

When we first came to Bequia, there was a thriving industry at "Industry"; there is a big coconut plantation. The factory used to open the coconuts, dry the "meat" to make copra, which was sold for a variety of purposes. Now it is all derelict, and nobody appears to be collecting the coconuts.


Beach at Industry

Even the beach at Industry seems to have been forgotten. Few people seem to venture over there, yet it is a very pretty spot - well worth the walk.