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Deshaies is a nice little town, with a good anchorage, at the north end of the French Island of Guadeloupe.

When I was living in Antigua in the early 70s, we often sailed across to Deshaies for the weekend, mainly to go for dinner at Madame Racine's restaurant. It was the sort of place that did not have a menu. If Madame was feeling grumpy, you ate what she decided to give you, but normally, she would invite us into the kitchen to look and sniff inside each pot, and choose whatever appealed.

Although Madame Racine has long gone to the big kitchen in the sky, the restaurant still exists, only now it is called the Mouillage; the Anchorage.

Looking down on the village



The waterfront at Deshaies


Unwelcome visitor

Recent hurricanes have done some damage to the waterfront, and brought an unwelcome visitor to one restaurant.


Deshaies beach

The south side of the bay has a nice beach


Fishing boat

Fishing is still an important part of life. Most of the boats that are used are wooden, and locally built.


Fishing boat on the beach


Old house in Deshaies

There are some very old houses in Deshaies, which would have some tales to tell if only they could speak.


Gone fishing

While we were in Deshaies, there were riots and strikes going on in Point a Pitre, the capital. None of it affected Deshaies; the only sign of the strikes was in the long queues of cars at the gasoline station. For the locals, there was still time to catch a fish or two.....

Dreaming of the sea

.... or to dream of doing so.


Old man of the sea

Despite the pressures of tourism and economic doom, Deshaies remains a delightfully tranquil place, and a great place for the old folks to enjoy retirement.


Just above the village, at the top of the hill to the south, is a really good Botanical Garden. It is well worth the walk up the hill to pay a visit there. It is well laid out and well maintained. I could easily spend a day wandering around there.

I have put up a photo album of pictures from the gardens. Please click here if you are interested to look at them