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Isles des Saintes

The Isles des Saintes, or more commonly know as simply The Saintes, are a group of tiny islands a few miles to the south of Guadeloupe. I first came here in the early 70s and I am happy to say that little has changed in the intervening 30 years. The islands are still quiet, peaceful, quintessentially Caribbean yet undeniably French.

The most popular anchorage is off the town of Bourg des Saintes on the biggest island, Terre d'en Haut.


This is looking down from the lookout tower on the top of Le Chameu, the Camel, on the south side of the bay. On the hill to the north of town you can see Fort Napoleon. Timoneer is anchored outside of the other boats to the left.

Lookout tower on Le Chameau

The lookout tower on top of Le Chameau.


Airport at Bourg

The airport at Bourg is very small and it is scary watching the planes land if it is windy.

Bourg village square

The village is still as quiet and peaceful as ever. The village square is a place to meet people.

Main street

Main Street is closed to cars and even off limits to scooters at certain times of the day.


House with tales to tell

The older houses must have many tales to tell.



The waterfront is clean and tidy.


House for a captain

On the north side of town is a house that must have been built for a retired Captain. now it is the doctor's surgery.

On the beach

Fishing is still important in the islands.

Timoneer in teh evening

Timoneer anchored off the town as another day comes to an end.


Fort Napoleon Fort Napoleon overlooks the whole bay. Click on the picture to see more of the fort.

Lady thumbnail Many of the people of the Saintes are as picturesque as the place they live. Click on the picture to see a few of the people we met.