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Savannah to Antigua

We sailed from Thunderbolt Marina, near Savannah Georgia, just before dusk on the 25th November 2008.

As we motored down the river, the shrimper fleet was making its way home for the night:

Shrimper at dusk

The sun set as we crossed the bar at the entrance of the river:

Sunset at the bar

The US Coastguard flew past in a helicopter as we left the river. Were they making sure that we really left?

Helicopter escort

We settled down in the watch-keeping routine. We had an extra crew, Henry, who came for the passage down. He was seconded to be the passage cook, since the chef was on leave. The first morning out he produced bacon and egg sandwiches for everybody:

Henry and the bacon sandwiches


As we crossed into the Gulf Stream, the fishing rods came out and it was not long before Ross was reeling in the first fish .......

Day 2 fish 1


...... it was a small dorado, destined to become breakfast.

Ross with fish 1

The next two fish were both Spearfish and they were released.

Spear fish released

2nd spearfish

Our fourth and final fish of the trip was reeled in by Henry...

Henry reeling in fish 4

..... it was a Skipjack Tuna.

Skipjack Tuna

Henry holds his fish in triumph, while Ian the engineer looks a little concerned.


We got to Antigua on the 1st of December and started the preparations for the arrival of the Owners and for the Superyacht Regatta........

English Harbour