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St Maarten

We were in and out of St Maarten a few times, both to pick up guests and to get work done.Simpson Bay Lagoon

There are several marinas inside the lagoon. Mostly we were at Isle de Sol, which is on the island in the centre of the picture.

St Maarten is perhaps the least "Caribbean" of all the islands, but it is convenient for shopping, both for supplies and for "retail therapy". Philipsburg is famous for it's shopping streets.

However, there are still some pretty areas on the island.

Beach at Grand Case

Beach at Grande Case on the north-west of the island.

Boats on the beach at Grand Case

Boats on the beach at Grand Case.


There is a great little Butterfly farm on St Maarten. Click here to see what I found

Close to Philipsburg, there is also a small zoo. They do not have lions and tigers and so forth, but many indigenous creatures. Click here for some pictures.