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Superyacht Cup Regatta - Antigua 2008

The regatta consisted of four races spread over three days.

Timoneer getting ready to race

We were stern-to in Nelson's Dockyard while getting ready for the racing.


Packing the spinnaker

The spinnaker was carefully packed before each race.


Entrance to English Harbour

The start line was just outside English Harbour.


Bashing to windward

Timoneer revels in the stronger winds, especially going to windward.


Chasing down the fleet

The races were all pursuit races. The boats started at intervals according to the allocated handicap. The handicap was adjsuted as the races progressed and by the last race, we were scratch boat and so had to catch and overtake all the boats to win the race.


Neck and neck with Kalikobass

Here we are neck and neck with Kalikobass.


Overtaking Tenacious

Overtaking Tenacious



Signe bashing to windward.


Wild Horses

Wild Horses rounds the mark ahead of Tenacious. The boisterous conditions were to prove too much for her and she retired with a broken bulkhead.


Ballast to windward

On the weather legs crew gathered on the windward side to help the righting moment of the boat. We had twenty eight racing crew on board for the races.


Ready to set the mizzen staysail

Ready to set the mizzen staysail.


Hoisting the spinnaker

Hoisting the spinnaker required all hands on deck.


Spinnaker and mizzen staysail set

Spinnaker and mizzen staysail set. It was by good work from the foredeck crew that we were able to set both at the same time, and this allowed us to sail through the leed of Kalikobass, who were a little slower setting their spinnaker.

Chasing down Kalikobass

Chasing down Kalikobass.


Trimming the mizzen

The afterguard kept the mizzen trimmed and drawing.


A lull in the action

The downwind legs sometimes gave us a brief lull in the action.


Post race debrief

At the end of each race, there was a debrief and small celebration.


We managed a second place and three firsts, so won the series overall!