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Over the years we have had many articles published in a variety of magazines. We have uploaded a selection of these. They are available for your personal use, but please respect our copyright.


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Voyages. Articles that have been published about various passages we have made and places we have visited.

In the Shadow of Cape Horn A voyage around the Horn and in Patagonia

In Bounty's Wake A voyage to Pitcairn Island

Square-rig in the San Blas Romance in the San Blas Islands

Christmas in Rio Good times and bad times with the yacht Thalassi in Rio

Ship of Stone The curious tale of HMS Diamond Rock

Sailing in Paradise Sailing and living in the British Virgin Islands

Kylie Vs the North Atlantic An account of a tempestuous solo Atlantic crossing

The original Baltimore Baltimore Ireland where we built a house a few years ago

Even the Emerald Isle was White A winter passage to Ireland

St. Kilda A passage to this outpost in the Atlantic

Saba The forgotten corner of the Caribbean

Greece Article in The Triton about clearing into Greece

Pelopponesus Article from the Triton about cruising in Pelopponesus, Greece

Tunisia Article from the Triton; visiting Tunisia

Isles de Saintes. A visit to part of the Caribbean that has changed little in the last 25 years.

Okefenokee. A kayak trip into the Okenfenokee swamp

US Clearance. Article about the ins and out of clearing a yacht into the US

Bequia. Visiting Bequia then and now.

Gibraltar The ins and outs of visiting The Rock

Liguria The joys of cruising north-west Italy

Elba. Visiting the island of Elba

Pride Remembered. The loss of the schooner Pride and microbursts.

Montenegro. Cruising in Montenegro

Aeolian Islands. A group of volcanic islands off Sicilly.


Papilio Ruga Here is a selection of articles published in Practical Boat Owner relating to the junk-rigged schooner, that we built and sailed in 1979/80

PBO article Ocean Cruising: Part 1 The concept behind the boat

PBO article Ocean Cruising Part 2 Building the hull

PBO article Ocean Cruising Part 3 Building the rig

PBO article Five Thousand Miles of Junk Sailing the boat

PBO article The Freedom of Junk Comparing her to a Freedom 40

PBO Cover September 1980 Why we built the boat


Technical articles A few of the technical articles that have been published

PBO Refrigeration Part 1. How and why a fridge works

PBO Refrigeration Part 2 Building an efficient icebox

Careening, Old and New How to careen your boat for antifouling

Building a one-off boat. A new method of building in grp without a mould

Hamming it up Ham radio aboard boats

Keep it running Some tips to keep your diesel engine working

Marine radio receivers How radios work and what sort to have on board

Mastering the sextant The art of using a sextant

No engine Cruising without an engine

Solar power Using the sun for energy on board

Springing in and out The seamanship of using springs to get on and off the dock

If you lose the rudder Suggestions about what to do if you lose the steering

Up the pole How to make and rig an emergency radio antenna

Weighty problems Ballasting the keel on a grp hull

Old age. Ways in which we can design yacht to better cope with older owners.


Odds and Ends. Various articles of sea-stories and humour

Raising the Wind How to earn money while cruising

St. Barths Regatta Sailing the regatta before it became big and famous

A tale of two hurricanes Surviving two hurricanes in the Virgin Islands

Birds in hand A battle with migrating starlings

Fastnet Rock The end of an era as the light on the Rock becomes automatic

If it was good enough for Slocum Not many people know that his first yacht was junk-rigged

Yachtsman's hats The roles that a good crew must play on board

How do you sleep? Sleep and watchkeeping

In search of the elusive shower. Unexpected adventures when looking for a shower while cruising on a small boat

Sprouting with ideas Grow your own sprouts for fresh food while cruising

Things that go flash in the night A discussion of bioluminescence

The Nicest Thing Triton article about the good-old days, and the nicest thing that happened to us.

Superyacht Cup Triton article about Timoneer winning the Superyacht Cup in Antigua

Grenada Triton article about Timoneer in Grenada

St Bart's Bucket Triton article about racing in 2009

Herreshoff Museum Triton article about a wonderful museum in Bristol RI


Cover pictures

Papilio Ruga was on three magazine covers

Papilio under full sail

Anchored off the beach in the BVI

Us in the cockpit a long time ago!

Here is an article written about us, by the editor of Sail magazine. Beyond the Pale

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